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So I’m a few days late in writing an entry here since I got back from Vegas. Mainly I’ve been really tired trying to get my sleeping schedule back to normal. The last night in Vegas, Hing flew in with H so we met up with Kin, his girl J, and her two friends T and L and we all had a pretty decent meal at the DB Brasserie in the Wynn. L was definitely my kind of girl. She originally wasn’t even going to stay for dinner, but I think seeing the food come out was enough to convince her to stay. I could also tell by the way she enjoyed her food that we’d get along really well. When it comes to culinary pleasures, it’s as if some people taste in black and white, but people like me and L taste in HDTV. I had the foie gras app and ordered the steak frites entree simply because it came with bone marrow. The french fries it came with were pretty awesome. Another bonus was that they had Hendry Block 7 for only $58, so we had a few bottles of that too. Dinner ran pretty late, but it was a good time. Then the girls went home, and me and Hing went to IP to play some blackjack. I had lost $475 earlier at the Wynn while we were killing time waiting for our dinner reservation, and Hing was down probably 3 times that much, but we had a real sweet run at IP. I bought in for $400 and cashed out for a thou, and Hing ended up making about $800. We played until about 5am and I had to check out and catch my flight by 8, so we still had time for breakfast. We grabbed some comps from the pit boss at IP and headed up to the diner. It would seem like a risky proposition eating at IP, but the steak was surprisingly edible. Too bad the eggs were shit. But we were too drunk to care. I wolfed down a stack of buttered toast and some herbal tea to try and sober up for my flight. And that was pretty much it. I went back to TI, packed my stuff up, watched a bit of the British Open on TV, and checked out.

The flight back was uneventful. Delayed for about an hour, but that’s not too bad. I guess that offsets the terrific flight I had going out there when we had a couple of passengers who were family members of an air traffic controller and because of them, our flight was granted a clear direct flight path to Vegas. Shaved over 20 minutes off of our flight time I think.

So now I’m back and I haven’t even fully unpacked yet. I did two loads of laundry but forgot that I had my UnderArmor packed in my backpack so they missed the wash. I hate it when I do that. Speaking of which, lemme give mad props to UnderArmor. In the 115 degree heat, wearing an UnderArmor top underneath whatever shirt I would wear each day totally made things bearable. Who would ever have thought that wearing extra clothing in extreme heat could make you feel more comfortable? I also wore it under my tuxedo in the blazing hot sun of Laguna during Sterl’s wedding. I think all regular cotton undershirts should be ditched in favor of UnderArmor. It’s that good.

Anyway, now I’m back to work and trying to ease back into things. Man I didn’t fully realize how much stuff I had put off for after my vacation. I have a ton of work to do. My apartment is a real mess too since I didn’t clean at all prior to my trip since I was playing poker non-stop. But I’m too tired after work to feel like cleaning too. I should just hire a maid. Speaking of after work, I’ve also been too lazy to drive anywhere too far to get food lately, which has actually worked out well because my friend Hector is now running the kitchen at the little latino bar across the street. The boy can cook. I don’t know how he can stock such fresh ingredients day in and day out with what does not appear to be that much business. But I’ve been ordering from there regularly for over a month now and the greens and veggies are always crisp and everything is remarkably good. It’s real authentic down home latino cooking. Steak with a fried egg and plantains over rice and beans, grilled squid salad, he’s even got angulitos on the menu which are baby eels which actually taste like garlicky cold soba. It’s really great stuff at dirt cheap prices, and the fact that I can help keep a friend in business by eating there regularly is just a bonus.

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