Yanks this weekend, baby!

I’m psyched. My good friends Phil and Ben are coming down from Beantown for the Yanks/White Sox game this Saturday, the weather is supposed to be good and Randy Johnson is scheduled to start. And to top it all off, we have reservations at Mariano Rivera’s new restaurant in New Rochelle later that evening. The restaurant, Mo’s New York Grill is having its grand opening today. According to the website, it looks like they offer a Prix Fixe menu but only available Sun-Wed, so I guess we’re ordering a la carte. I wonder if Mo will bring some teammates by the restaurant after the game. After all, it is the first weekend that they’re open. Would that kick ass or what?

[Edit: Apparently ESPN.com was wrong and Randy Johnson is actually starting Friday’s game. I think we get to see Moose instead on Saturday. Mooooooooose…]

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