Mud and Suds

Just got home from the Brad Paisley/Sara Evans concert. It was pretty kick ass. Opener was Andy Griggs who I was skeptical about since he looked like too much of a pretty boy to make for a good country music singer, but he actually had a few really good songs. He sounds a little like Travis Tritt. He played for about half an hour and then they prepped the stage for my girl Sara Evans. She came out and the crowd went nuts. She looked pretty damn good for having just had her third baby about four months ago. A little too much makeup, but I hate makeup to begin with. Man can she sing. She’s got such strength to her voice and a real comfortable stage presence. I really liked the fact that she kept most of her songs close to the way they were recorded for her albums. I hate when artists try to jazz up songs at concerts with stoopid ad libs and the band going off on inappropriate solos. Her band was tight. Speaking of which, her fiddle player/backup guitarist was a ridiculously hot blond named Katie Kirkover. Holy cow she was smokin’, and she handled the fiddle part to perfection (I could tell, cause she played it the way it was supposed to be, just like the album). Some of those fiddle parts were tough too, really quick and lively. Katie Kirkover is as they would say on talk shows, lovely and talented. Sara Evans went on to finish her set with a cover of Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth and as much as I liked the Go Go’s, I have to say Sara’s rendition blew the doors off Belinda’s version. It was a great finisher. Then after the short break, Brad Paisley came on and it turns out I knew a lot more of his songs than I thought. Mud on the Tires was probably his best song tonight, but his whole performance was entertaining with lots of his humor coming out. He sang one song about putting the toilet seat down which was pretty damn funny. The thing that really impressed me about him is that he actually really plays the guitar. He wasn’t just standing up there singing and strumming, he was flat out playing the guitar like a madman. Great stuff. And one more thing I gotta say, I definitely dig girls in cowboy hats; it’s a great look!

So the concert was great, but the drive home through the blizzard was hell. It took only about an hour and a half to get there, but the drive home was about 5 hours! There were accidents everywhere because of the snow, so a few times I was just sitting there without moving for at least 40 minutes. Then I heard on the radio that all lanes were closed up ahead due to another accident, so I exited out and took the Merritt, and just when I was a mile and a half away from my exit, traffic comes to a stop again. Another hour sitting there doing nothing. Good thing I bought some Krispy Kremes as I was leaving Mohegan Sun. You’d be surprised how much more patient you can be in a traffic jam when you have donuts!

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