Last weekend

Haven’t had a speck of time to write lately, so let me just scrawl out a few of the highlights from last weekend. Friday night I joined a bunch of my co-workers for after-work drinks at Gama on St. Marks. I totally dug the vibe, with a cool little bar area up front, a full restaurant in the back, and reasonably priced drinks including flavored martinis like watermelon soju. Nice to be able to go out for drinks in the city and still be able to get a beer for just $4! I didn’t try the food although I heard it was great. Will have to go back soon to check out that side of things. I hung out there for a while expecting Rog to text me when round 1 of 211 poker was down to three players. I texted him and Gar to find out what the deal was at 9:30… still 7 players left! Waa daa? Ok, so I still had a little time to kill, so I walked over to Chiyono and grabbed a quick bite. Had the salmon rice, the still awesomely delicious fried oysters and finished it off with that delicate sesame pudding again.

Comfortably sated, I headed over to Rog’s for some poker. They were still playing and it took a while longer for them to wrap up. I don’t think we started playing round 2 until 11:30 and when we did play, it ended up being a marathon tourney as well. Ricky ended up winning at around 3:30am and then treated us all to falafel at Mamouns. We went to the one on St. Marks, just a few doors down from where I had been earlier that night. The falafel really hit the spot at that hour and the super hot sauce woke me up enough to make the drive back home.

Saturday I slept in, did some laundry and then headed to Dawg and Chye’s banquet in Chinatown. Yeah, their actual wedding was down in D.C., but this was the party for the NY crowd. When we were last at Goblin Market, much to my amusement, Vicky High Life convinced Dawg and Chye to let her come to the banquet as my +1. Always a riot, she did not disappoint as a last minute date for this event. The banquet, much like their actual wedding ceremony down in D.C., whizzed right by. If you blinked, you missed it, because the food was being served at a lightning fast rate, three courses on the table at a time with a fourth one constantly on deck to replace one the tabled dishes. There must have been a Chinatown tour bus to Atlantic City warming up out back or something because the restaurant staff sure seemed to be in a hurry. Well, except for those that we saw coming out of the kitchen eating some of their wedding cake! Hahahaha. We chinks can be ridiculously brazen like that.

After the speedy banquet, we headed over to Sing Sing in the LES for karaoke. We got a room which was a bit of a tight squeeze for the large crew we had, but it was cool. The High Life even got me to do a Journey duet with her; how funny and awesome is that? We hung out there a couple hours and then decided to go to a dive bar, anyplace not too crowded, so Gar remembered the little Irish pub he and I went to last month which was just a couple blocks away. I wasn’t drinking cause I had to drive and Vicky was ready to call it a night too, until… Dawg started talking his usual smack and challenged her to Irish car bombs. It was a laughably big mistake for Dawg, since The High Life can drink like you read about. We all headed over to the pub and everyone but me did their car bombs and of course Vicky smoked everyone. Actually one guy whose name I forget was very fast too, but I still think the Vickster edged him by a split second. Nobody else came close. Ok time to leave, right? Nope, Hing challenged Vicky to a rematch. Hahaha, oh man, the second time was even more of a blowout than the first. She was done at least three seconds faster than Hing. We said our goodbyes to everybody while Hing was still ranting about how Vicky is just more of a sprinter and he’s a marathon runner when it comes to drinking; speed versus endurance. Good times!

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