Anybody else feeling moody?

I really think there’s something cosmic going on that’s negatively affecting people’s moods, myself included. I’ve heard of seasonal affective disorder, but I don’t think that’s what this is, because there seems to have actually been more sunlight in the past week. Whatever it is, it sucks. Without much cause or reason for it I just find myself feeling kind of blah. And it isn’t just me. Today alone, I got phone calls from two different friends, each feeling completely bummed out. I felt bad because I wasn’t feeling like my normal self either so I was pretty much useless in the cheering up department. I tried doing a little cooking to see if that would pick me up a bit. I made some sea urchin risotto, the idea coming from something I had seen Todd English make. It came out tasting like really good risotto, but the uni flavor was kind of muted because I could only get my hands on the smaller east coast variety which isn’t nearly as sweet and creamy as the uni from California. Will definitely have to give it another try when I can get a hold of the good stuff. It was still really delicious though and I ended up eating a whole pan full of it. This was of course followed by much slothlike napping on the couch. I had also picked up some sweet shrimp at the Japanese market when I went to get the uni, so I ate that a few hours later. Sweet shrimp with uni, soy sauce and wasabi. Simple but excellent. I bought three $10 trays of sea urchin, used one tray for the risotto, another for the shrimp, and I still have one for tomorrow night which I intend to have by itself. Yet even these indulgences haven’t done anything for my mood. I ended up taking the shrimp heads and shells and making shrimp stock with it just because I felt it would have been a waste not to, but now it seems like just another thing to worry about- what will I make with the stock this week? Hrmmm…

Think it’s just me? Well to cap it all off, I just found out that the Korean actress Jung Da-Bin committed suicide two weeks ago. She was the lead actress in that first K-drama I ever watched, Attic Cat. She was also really funny in a flick called He Was Cool. While she wasn’t what most would consider a classic beauty, she was a great actress whose range of funny, mad, pouty expressions really made her grow on you. I remember thinking she was kind of homely looking at the start of Attic Cat, but by the end of the drama, you couldn’t help thinking she was irresistably cute in an unconventional sort of way. And now Jung Da-Bin is gone at the age of 26. Apparently in a drunken state, she hung herself with a towel at her boyfriend’s place. I just watched a bunch of tribute videos on YouTube that fans have uploaded since she passed away. So very sad.

Jung Da Bin wake

2 thoughts on “Anybody else feeling moody?

  1. 1. I’m sorry for your loss.
    2. You should never rely on your first physical impressions of women. You are too quick to judge. This has been proven
    3. Skittles or m&m’s are great mood improvers.

  2. Nice Sonia; yes you definitely proved point #2. But it did take a lot of effort (and powdered donuts) for me to realize how hot you were. 🙂

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