Graziella’s Is Good For Your ERA

Today we decided to treat two of our co-workers to lunch because this is their last week with us. We decided to take them to a nice looking Italian restaurant called Graziella’s just up the street because we actually like these co-workers and decided they deserved a better sendoff than P.F. Changs. I had never tried Graziella’s but had been wanting to check it out because I walk by it every day. We headed over at 1p, and walked in to find the restaurant mostly empty except for a family seated at a large table near the center of the dining room. We were given a table at the front and I sat down with my back to the window. After a quick once-over of the menu I looked up to survey the room. Since I was facing the back, I couldn’t help but notice the family seated in the middle of the room. More to the point, I couldn’t help but immediately notice the guy facing me was this evening’s starting pitcher for the NY Yankees, Andy Pettitte! He was there with a woman who I guess was his wife along with a bunch of kids. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time. As our own lunch took a while, I started getting a little concerned that Pettitte was still eating and it was already around 2pm. I always thought big league starters like to get to the stadium early for their game day warmups and routines. Apparently Andy Pettitte prefers lingering over a nice big lunch. My kind of pitcher! And for the record, the food was quite good for an inexpensive Italian joint. I had the seafood special which was described by the waiter as sea bass which happily turned out to be what my tastebuds identified as Chilean sea bass! Definitely way too big and rich to be regular sea bass. What an awesome surprise, just like Andy Pettitte being there. And the result of Pettitte’s game day carb loading? A win with 117 pitches over 7 innings with 6 strikeouts and only 1 earned run. Nice.

One thought on “Graziella’s Is Good For Your ERA

  1. Somehow, I don’t find this story particularly appealing. Must be my dislike for pinstripes! It does remind me of the time I smashed a door into Roger Clemens when walking into the Men’s room at T’s Pub in Beantown. He’s lucky he didn’t try to thrown down! (Although he was with two Red Sox infielders and Cam Neely of the Bruins(speaking of Seabass!!!)


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