Gama and Bon Chon

Tonight, the Perfect Storm of drinking pals came together. The usual suspects of myself and Hing Dawg were of course in attendance at Gama. But it was the presence of my California cousin Lily, her boyfriend Chaka Khan (ok his name is really something like Chia Shawn but I had to change his name to something I could remember), my co-worker Tom, and an extra special guest appearance by my most excellent friend and guru of all things technical, Ben! And super duper guest appearance by Ben’s cousin, former NYPD stud, Eric. If I had to round up my hardest core drinking friends, the only ones not present were Twoin, Gar and Mat. But having me, Dawg, Lily, Tom, Ben and Eric all in one bar was a special occasion indeed.

We started at Gama and drank a boatload. To my recollection, there were three pitchers of watermelon soju, three Irish Car Bombs, countless numbers of beers, a round of Slutty Redheads and miscellaneous drinks in between. I was already half in the bag when we left Gama and headed over to Bon Chon.

A couple mojitos and a few plates full chicken wings later I was rocked off my ass and feeling no pain. I think my cousin Lily and Chaka Khan were digging the wings, so I was happy. Gotta show the visitors a uniquely NY experience. Even better, Eric loved it too, and being former NYPD, he said he was familiar with the donut shop on the corner, but never even knew Bon Chon existed!

So all in all it was a very fun and drunken night. And best of all, I’m writing this entry from the comfort of my very own bathtub because I staggered home in the cold and decided I needed a nice hot bath before bed. Wireless and laptops rock.

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