Lady Antebellum and Udon West

Went to see Lady Antebellum at Joe’s Pub tonite. They’re a brand new super up and coming country band, so new that their debut album won’t drop until April 15th. I only heard them recently on Sirius New Country and loved their song Love Don’t Live Here. Through the magic of iLike on Facebook, I found out they were playing at Joe’s Pub for a whopping $12, so I couldn’t resist. We managed to get a table just to the left and nearly behind the stage which was an odd angle but good enough for me since that was the side of the stage the hottie singer Hillary Scott performed on. She’s got a real strength to her voice and a tonality that reminds me of Martina McBride but just a little rougher around the edges, in a good way. Her voice was a perfect match harmonizing with the smooth, almost easy-listening style of the other singer, Charles Kelley. Dave Haywood rounds out the band, showing his skills on guitar and piano for this show. Along for this gig was their friend Slim who played a particularly mean slide guitar. Good stuff.

Afterwards Ricky and Kathy wanted to go to Udon West for a quick bite to eat. I had never been there before, but it turned out to be really respectable noodle soup. I had the udon with beef and burdock tempura. The burdock was expertly cooked, soft but still with a little texture to bite into. Same goes for the udon which had nice resiliency and slickness. The beef was just fatty enough to add the perfect amount of sheen to the broth. And for me, the broth is what made the dish. Not overly salty, it had good rich flavor and that hard to describe but very satisfying taste we call umami. On a chilly night like tonight udon was a perfect thing to eat and Udon West does a really good job with it. As Ricky put it, “This place is solid”.

There was one bit of hilarity about Udon West- the names of some of the selections on the menu. Here, I’ll just show you the menu:

High Protein Udon

None of us ordered any of those unfortunately named varieties of udon, but Ricky made up for it by ordering a bottle of unfiltered sake, hahahahaha.

6 thoughts on “Lady Antebellum and Udon West

  1. I’m unsure which mental image is more off-putting – ‘natto bukkake’ or ‘ten-nose bukkake’. Not to mention the “ground yam”, so to speak.

  2. Wow! Andrew Zimmern should do a show there! Do they serve that in bowls or just pour it on your head?

  3. Thank you for your kind comments on Lady Antebellum. I am part of
    their management team and was there at the show as well. We really appreciate your support.

    Please sign up for our email updates. Hope you can catch them again sometime soon!

  4. Thanks for the comment Daniel! You’ve got a real winner on your hands. The only hard part will be picking which song will be their next single! I hope it’s Long Gone; I really liked that one and I think it would be really radio-friendly. Keep up the great work!

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