Breakfast of Champions

I usually get a dozen eggs every time I visit the Stone Barns farm market because they’re so much better than the supermarket variety. They have beautiful orange hued yolks and just so much more flavor. On my most recent visit they also had bacon so naturally I had to pick some of that up as well. The best thing about their bacon is that it is way less salty than commercial bacon and the result is a product that tastes, yes, like pork! Inspired by the quality of these ingredients, this is what I made:

Bacon and Uni Scrambled Eggs

Simply fried bacon and scrambled eggs with uni. I hate washing dishes so usually I would just fry up the bacon and then use the same pan for the eggs. But to do these ingredients justice I didn’t want to take any shortcuts and the best way I know of making creamy scrambled eggs is to start them in an unheated pan with a couple pats of cold butter. So I fried up the bacon in one pan, then got to work on the scrambled eggs in the other. Constant stirring and taking it on and off the heat to control overcooking is the key. Once the curds have just set but the eggs are still a teeny bit runny I take it off the heat, season with salt, add the uni, and serve. The sweet, creamy ocean flavor of the uni accents the richness of the eggs so well. I’m not usually a big fan of breakfast foods, but boy did I enjoy this!

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