An Epic Birthday Week – Episode VI

On Day 6 we were on a quest for more Mexican food. This time we hit one of the Tlaquepaque chain of restaurants. Apparently there are several within a short distance of each other in Willow Glen, and they have a reputation for solid food but not so great service. Fortunately for us, we found both the food and the service to be very good. I liked the tamale at Tlaquepaque better than Puerto Azul’s, and I really loved their guacamole. The guac was really fresh and creamy tasting, so much so that we wondered if maybe they had added sour cream or something. And just like our previous day’s Mexican lunch, this one also featured a nice beverage:

Chavelas at Tlaquepaque

This one is called a Chavelas and it’s made with beer, tequila and lime juice. Even though it’s gotta be higher in alcohol than the Michelada due to the tequila, it is so light and refreshing you don’t even notice. You know it must pack a punch though, because the limit is 2 per customer. Oh, and as you can see, it too is served in a gargantuan goblet that could otherwise serve as a candy bowl.

After kicking back and relaxing for a few hours in the afternoon, it was time for dinner. This time we decided to go for Korean BBQ. This is not one of the cuisines that they do better out west than here in NY, but the place we went, called Tobang, was still very good. They had a particularly nice selection of panchan including delicious big ol’ sardines which I had never seen before. Best of all, they served rice paper wraps which are essentially like square pieces of Chinese hor fun. Once you’ve had Korean BBQ with those types of wraps, plain lettuce wraps just don’t cut it anymore. Overall, not in the same league as any of our NY/NJ Korean places, but Tobang was still quite good.

I should point out that most everything out in the Bay Area is contained in strip malls and this Korean place was no exception. Amusingly, in the same strip mall was this store which I thought was rather unique:

Lingerie Babywear Store

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