Shoulda Been A Cowboy

Yeah baby, time to dust off the ol’ cowboy hat! Just got tix for the Toby Keith/Leann Womack concert at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sunday. My friend Paul knows a guy that runs things over at the arena, so there’s a chance me and my friends might get back stage. I wonder if Toby and Leann have ever seen a Chinese cowboy from NY? hahaha. Should be a great show. In a lot of ways, Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” has been my theme song since I first heard that song back in the early 90’s. Since then he’s come a long way with a ton of hits and has become a legitimate country music superstar. I really hope his daughter Krystal will be on tour with him because they do a killer duet version of Mockingbird. That girl has a stronger voice than Leann Rimes and she’s only 16 years old. But even if Krystal isn’t there, with Leann Womack on the bill it should be a great show. I love this stuff. Country music is one of my outlets for acting silly and foolish, and I absolutely love it. Yee Haw!

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