Weekend Reflections

A few final thoughts on the aftermath of hurricane Katrina… First, I have to give kudos to FoxNews for their excellent coverage. They should win some kind of awards for it. Normally they are way to sensationalist for my taste, but for this tragedy, sensationalism was apparently exactly what was needed. The reporters on the ground, including Geraldo Rivera whom incidentally I have newfound respect for, all said things in exactly the way they needed to be said. Basically they were all pleading into the camera and basically saying “WTF??!!”. They were even getting pissed at Bill O’Reilly in the studio for asking them stupid questions trying to push the whole racism angle, while they only wanted to stick to the point of conveying the horrors on the ground in New Orleans while nobody comes to help. Kanye West is an idiot too, for spouting the “Bush doesn’t like black people” rhetoric on NBC during a fundraiser for hurricane relief. This is actually the 2nd time Kanye West has made it into my blog; the first time when he was an idiot spouting crap about my girl Gretchen Wilson not deserving the best new artist award even though her album outsold his. Gretchen forgave him after he apologized, but now we see that he’s just a dope through and through. But regardless of all that nonsense, to allow 6 days to pass before getting those poor people out of there is fucking ridiculous. I shudder to think at the lives that were needlessly lost due to the time it took to get aid out there and to ultimately extract the survivors from the Superdome and the Convention Center. It was inconceivable that that sort of thing could happen in the continental US. The ineptitude and lack of coordination was shameful and apalling. And you think those people in New Orleans aren’t strong and beautiful people despite their poverty? Did you see them getting airlifted out on day 6? They actually were still caring for the people that could not help themselves (regardless of race I might add) and they actually managed a few smiles at the troops and had a spark in their eyes despite having lived thru a veritable hell on earth. As Harry Connick Jr. said in an interview, “The people of New Orleans are freakishly strong”. My final words on the subject are this- if you haven’t donated to the Red Cross, get off your ass and do it, pretty please.

On a lighter note, I went to a minor league baseball game in Norwich, CT this Labor Day weekend. Norwich is now the Giant’s AA team, and they were playing the Blue Jays AA team. I really do love the park there. Great staff, quaint feel, good food (I had the fried dough with apple topping) and overall just a real good vibe. It was a good game too, with the home team coming from behind and scoring two runs to go ahead in the bottom of the 8th. Apparently they had no closer in the bullpen either, probably because he was called up since the Major League teams just expanded their rosters last week, but it didn’t matter, they still managed to hold them scoreless in the 9th for the win.

Looking forward to my Vegas/Denver trips. I’ll also get to see Carol G. in Denver who is one of my favorite former co-workers. Conveniently I’ll be arriving on her birthday, so I’ll be crashing in on her birthday dinner with her husband. How very nice of me! Speaking of Denver, Bob Denver, better known as Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island, died today at age 70. I actually didn’t even know he was still alive. C’mon admit it, you didn’t either.

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