Gone Country

Well, after much deliberation, I finally picked out the specs for my hat and placed the order. I’m getting a black cattleman style hat, 20X felt, sides pressed and shaped to medium high, with a plain black leather string for a hat band. For an extra $50 I put a rush order on it, so hopefully I’ll get it in about 6 weeks instead of 5 months.

I spent a lot of my weekend watching CMT to check out different cowboy hat styles and caught a couple of interesting shows. One was the Ross Coleman rodeo documentary. It was ok I guess, but it didn’t do anything to show me what technical skills are involved in being a great rider. A much better show was the premier of the MusikMafia show where they follow Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and the rest of their buddies on their nationwide tour. I bought the Big & Rich CD and after watching the show, I’m definitely gonna get the Gretchen Wilson one too. That redneck woman has a strong set of pipes. Yes I do still buy CD’s of the artists I like instead of downloading stuff for free, just on principle. You gotta support the artists you love. So in one of the concerts that the show covered, Gretchen did a cover of Heart’s “Straight On” and man I tell ya, it kicked ass. Looking forward to the next episode where they covered what went on when Kanye West made some disparaging comments when Gretchen beat him out for Breakthrough New Artist at the American Music Awards. Apparently he said he was basically robbed and called her music “bullshit”. Fortunately he subsequently apologized to her at the Grammy nomination presentations. What the MusikMafia is trying to do is different than anything else that’s ever been done. “Country music without prejudice” is what they say. I hope Kanye West goes to a MusikMafia show (Gretchen invited him after he apologized) and maybe learns what they’re all about. Who knows, maybe he’ll collaborate with them somewhere down the line. That would rock. Cowboy Troy, the black member of the MusikMafia is doing music he calls hick-hop. Sounds good to me. Country music without prejudice indeed.

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