Mahjong Couture

So I’ve had a cold for well over a week now and I’m getting sick of it (haha). I haven’t been able to really work out and am starting to feel like a vegetable. I did actually put in seven weak-effort rounds of Bas Rutten’s MMA Workout last Wednesday, but I’m wondering if that exertion might have actually slowed my recovery. Oh well, back to sitting on the couch until I get better I guess.

I did put some of my couch time to good use though. For years I’ve thought about putting together a storefront to sell mahjong themed t-shirts online. Being sick with nothing else to do, I decided this would be a good time to set it up. But after a little online research I learned that when it comes to print-on-demand websites, Cafepress’ product quality seems to have deteriorated through the years, so I decided to go with instead. After fumbling around trying to teach myself how to use Gimp to create my designs and then figuring out Printfection’s administrative interface through trial and error, I finally got things set up. All told, it took about a day to get things working the way I wanted, but voila, now you have a place to buy my mahjong themed apparel. Here’s one of the designs:

Mahjong Style

I don’t know if I’ll actually ever sell any of these (marketing is not my strong suit), but regardless, going through the exercise of pulling this project together feels like it was a good way to spend my downtime. So while this cold is still kicking my butt, I may not be feeling any better, but at least I’m feeling productive!

One thought on “Mahjong Couture

  1. i like it steve.
    great idea and the potential is endless.
    but from a marketing standpoint, you need more of a designer’s flare to the tees.
    i don’t think it’s enough to just put the pics of each pai on the design, but make the sequences and throw in phrases or words that you would experience during a game.

    i like the 1 thru 9 sequence idea. go with that and throw in some more abstracts to make the tees punchy.

    wanna meet for lunch sometime and chat?

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