How Not To Behave

Let me just state the obvious up front- Kanye West is an ass. He has no class, no integrity and no credibility. Never was that more apparent than when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s last night. Swift had just won the Best Female Video award when Kanye got on stage and took the mic from her in order to declare that he was happy for Swift but Beyonce should have won the award. Obviously he wasn’t happy for her or he wouldn’t have hijacked her moment, but for Kanye, insincerity comes easily. And why wouldn’t he say whatever the hell he feels like when he knows he can issue an equally insincere apology whenever his mouth gets him in trouble. It’s obvious his narrow little mind has no appreciation for music outside his own genre, or maybe he’s just got a particular disdain for country. You see, this wasn’t the first time he’s shown what an ass clown he is at the feet of a country star. Back in 2004 he got beaten out for Best New Artist at the AMA’s by Gretchen Wilson. His pathetic reaction to losing? He declared that he was robbed because he was clearly the best new artist that year and that Gretchen’s music was bullshit. Of course the facts show that Gretchen’s records outsold Kanye by millions that year, so no, he wasn’t the best new anything. But you know what? He went on to apologize to Gretchen publicly and all was forgiven. Now how sincere do you think that apology really was given his behavior last night? No doubt he will issue similar apologies this time around, but let’s call it like it is. He wasn’t, and isn’t, sorry for what he said, he’s only sorry that there were repercussions for it, namely that everybody thinks of him as a dickhead now. And he knows the only way to remove that dickhead label from his forehead will be to apologize. And that’s the ONLY reason why he will do so.

Kanye’s stunt at the VMA’s was especially distasteful because the victim was Taylor Swift. She may be a country superstar already, but she’s only 19 and still acts like a teenager, a refreshing rarity in the music biz. She’s still innocent and un-jaded by her celebrity, somewhat awkward and awestruck like you’d expect a teenager to be. So it was particularly hard to watch because she was clearly a Kanye fan, visibly excited when he came on stage, but then her expression turned to one of confusion and ultimately hurt, all in the span of a minute. What kind of a jerk steals the spotlight from a teenage girl, one that looked up to him no less, in order to tell her that she really didn’t deserve to win? Only a jerk who really believes the world revolves around him, one whose galactic sized ego distorts his perception of reality the way a black hole distorts spacetime. But Kanye West isn’t a black hole, he’s just an asshole.

4 thoughts on “How Not To Behave

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. That was hard to watch, especially Taylor’s face which went from such elation to confusion. What is wrong with that guy?

    (husband thinks it was all staged, btw; after the whole “Eminem storming out” last year, I have to wonder too)

  2. Even if it was staged, he’s the one that staged it, not the VMA’s (they booted him from the premises after that stunt) so it’s just as reprehensible if not worse. And just when you thought he had gone as low as he could go, he went on Leno last night and insinuated that his thoughtlessness was a result of his own personal hurt, presumably referring to the loss of his mother. So you see, it was his suffering that made him jump on stage to try and impress Beyonce (who btw is the anti-Kanye, a total class act). Uh-huh. I just hope that Kanye doesn’t decide to visit any childrens hospitals as part of his faux penance to make up for all this. I mean, can you imagine what he might do if a cancer patient beats him in a game of Candyland?

  3. Third-hand I heard the best description of his a-hole behavior, courtesy of Katy Perry:


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