Tazza- The High Rollers

Went to see the Korean flick Tazza- The High Rollers at The ImaginAsian theater yesterday. Tazza apparently means professional gambler in Korean, so you knew this was going to be precisely the kind of movie our 211 poker crew wasn’t going to miss. The movie was a huge box office smash in Korea last year, which is hardly surprising since it is a movie about gambling after all. It was a long film, over two hours, but filled with interesting characters, scheming, dismemberment, sledge hammers, peeing into buckets at the card table and of course a couple of gratuitous nude scenes. Nice.

When we were planning to see the movie, Dawg asked where we’d all go to eat afterwards and suggested K-town to make it an all-Korean night. And I said sure, we should round out the full authentic Korean experience by going to K-town for dinner, follow it up with karaoke, and then go home to beat our wives. hahaha… Without skipping a beat, Dawg replied “Since you’re not married what will you be going home to beat?”

Well, we did in fact hit Seoul Garden after the movie. We had 11 people so they had to split us into two different tables. So long as we had a Korean at our table to order the food, we were good to go. We got Mikey at our table while Gar and Esth were at the other. Mikey ordered and within minutes every inch of our table was covered with plates of food, glasses of beer and of course shots of soju. We discussed whether you get better service in K-town if you’re actually Korean. The consensus was that yeah, there’s probably preferential treatment to some degree. Dawg pointed out that in Chinatown, the only thing he gets for being Chinese is extra napkins hahaha. The food was once again terrific at Seoul Garden, and for $14 for the combo of a bowl of tofu jigae and a plate of kalbi, it’s a heck of a bargain too. This being the second time I’ve had the seafood tofu jigae, I can now definitively declare Seoul Garden’s version to be superior to So Kong Dong’s in Fort Lee. Seoul Garden has more seafood in theirs and the seafood is plumper. Really excellent and perfect for a cold winter night.

After dinner, naturally Rog suggested the obvious- a little poker to round out the evening, perhaps? We stopped by pinkberry for some frozen yogurt because, well, Kat always goes there everytime we’re in the hood. It was too cold for me to want any but a few of us got some cups to go and we all headed over to Rog’s. For the 2nd night in a row I got bad beat to get knocked out. Friday night it was Rog calling my all-in and catching runner runner full house, and last night it was Mikey showing me down preflop with AJ to my AQ and catching a J on the board. Oh well. Today is the super bowl over at Gar’s and we’ll have two tables going, so hopefully my luck will change. The last couple weeks have been pretty rough, from work related nonsense to getting knocked out of dart league playoffs in the first round, to losing 3 games in one night of 8-ball league (there have been whole seasons where I wouldn’t lose 3 games), to catching no cards for 5 hours at the Borgata Winter Open. Even with stoopid stuff I seem to be having no luck lately. Patreesha recommended a Korean drama to me so I bought it off of ebay and had been watching about an episode a day until I got to a really pivotal point in the plot… and then the next disc wouldn’t play! Arrrggghhh! Will nothing go right?! But you know what? Hanging out with my peeps the last two nights already has me feeling better. Bad beats at poker notwithstanding, I do feel like these past two weeks have been an aberration and things are about to get better across the board. I just hope that “across the board” also includes the flops at Gar’s later today! 🙂

[ Edit 2/5/07 1:10am ] – Well, it didn’t turn out too bad, got knocked out first from the final table of the main event, but did manage to win the tourney at “the losers table”. Let’s consider that a 1 game winning streak, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Tazza- The High Rollers

  1. i realized i didnt get to say goodbye to you before i left last night….i was REALLY tired….but i remember yelling goodnight. i don’t remember what happened after i got knocked out of the Final table….cuz i started to feel very very sleeeeeeepy. hope the luck changes….keep warm.

  2. What, you didn’t want to stand around in minus twenty degree wind chill to say goodbye to everyone?? btw, those were sensational brownies.

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