The Goose Is In!!!

No this isn’t another entry about food, it’s about my favorite baseball player of all time, Goose Gossage, finally getting elected into the Hall of Fame. About damn time people! This week was also the first time I read a sports column that agreed with my assesment as to Gossage’s place among relievers when Jayson Stark at wrote: “Goose Gossage was the most dominating closer ever. Ever.” Amen to that, brother. He goes on to compare Goose’s stats to Mariano Rivera’s: “ERA? Gossage 2.21, Rivera 2.35. Strikeouts? Goose 8.54 whiffs per 9 innings, Rivera 8.09. Unhittability? Gossage 6.59 hits per 9 innings, Rivera 7.17. ” Whenever I used to declare Gossage as the most dominating closer of all-time, people would roll their eyes as if I were just some old coot waxing nostalgic. I would even start doubting myself at times, wondering if sentimentality was clouding my memory. But seeing those numbers, along with old games on Yankees Classics, completely validates my position. Gossage was the best, the most intimidating, the most reliable, simply the most awe inspiring closer I have ever seen. He was my favorite player because his performance embodied what I loved most about sports- that every once in a while you will get to witness skill and talent come together at a level you just can’t believe. You see complete and utter domination of highly skilled opponents. It’s why we love Tiger Woods. It’s why I used to stay up past midnight to watch Jerry Tarkanian’s UNLV teams of the early 90’s. And it’s why I love seeing this year’s New England Patriots routinely dismantle other teams. That’s the level at which Rich Gossage operated and that’s why his induction into the Hall of Fame is long overdue. Congratulations Goose!

2 thoughts on “The Goose Is In!!!

  1. The most intimidating, awe-inspiring closer I have seen was Eric Gagne during his run of 84 consecutive saves with the Dodgers. Of course, it turns out he might have had a little help in the form of a needle and some steroids, but still, it was most impressive to watch! In fact, watching Bonds square off against Gagne when both were in their “prime” was awesome!

  2. I will not let my bitterness at Jim Rice’s exclusion taint Goose’s election. I was really hoping to see the two of them go in at the same time. Somehow it seemed appropriate for the most dominant Yankee pitcher of that era and the most dominant Red Sox hitter of that era to be inducted together. Alas, some sportswriters continue to practice some sort of holier-than-thou attitude when voting for the HoF. Congrats to Goose, he definitely deserves it – it’s been a long time coming.

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