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So the Giants beat the Cowboys this weekend. Inexplicably, in Dallas’ final drive of the game, they ran 7 plays from scrimmage and exactly ZERO went to Terrell Owens. How is that possible? Even if T.O. was double covered, and even if he was supposedly suffering the effects of a high ankle sprain, you still have to give your playmaker a chance to win the game, especially on the very last desperation play. Instead, on 4th down with just seconds remaining, Romo threw an interception on a pass intended for Terry Glenn, a player who missed almost the entire season due to injury and who almost caused another turnover earlier in the game when he fell down while making a cut in his route. How does throwing to him in that situation make any sense? Romo might as well have called for 60 Stretch Farlaaahhhhh.

Shockingly, T.O. stood up for his quarterback after the game and didn’t make issue of the play calling or decision making, saying it was a team loss. I wish I could have seen Donovan McNabb’s reaction to that press conference! And speaking of indirect disses, looking ahead, if the Giants can somehow beat Brett Favre in Lambeau to make it to the Super Bowl, that would basically complete their giving the collective finger to Tiki Barber. Ouch. I wonder who he’s rooting for in that game.

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  1. “Romo might as well have called for 60 Stretch Farlaaahhhhh.”
    Too funny!!! You should sell that one to Jimmy Kimmel.

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